Nov 2019 Camp out Funds Vote

General Camp location information:

Joe’s Place, a member of the The Marina Association of Texas is a hill country, lake-front, gated facility hosting dry storage, water slips, moorings, 2 cement boat ramps, fishing, picnic and camp grounds, full hookup RV park, cabin rental, beach, swimming, party rental facility, and boat rentals. Park hours are 8:00 a.m. to dark Wednesday through Sunday with the exception of Friday and Saturday dock fishing until 10:00 p.m. Managers live on-site and are available in case of emergency.

 The park is closed Monday and Tuesday unless a holiday or pre-arranged special event. We reserve the right to close on extreme weather days for your safety. Our standard entry fee is $5 per person (no charge for children 7 and under), and our vehicle parking fee is $3. These fees do not apply to tenants, pass holders and boat launches. Pets are only permitted with the long-term RV contracts.

Joe’s has 12 primitive tent camp sites with tent pads measuring 8′ x 15′, allowing for up to 2 tents per site if they fit on the pad. Each site has a picnic table, BBQ ring with flip top grills. We ask that you bring your own wood or purchase from our store and not tear from our trees and natural habitat. The camping area is lit by lights throughout the grounds, and water spigots are also available on the grounds. When camping we have a great variety of activities for the entire family from boating and fishing.

Beach 1&2 are divers sites only.
Maximum occupancy 10 people. Entry and vehicle fees apply.
Check-in is from noon on, check-out time is between 10:00-11:00 a.m. the next day.
Parking is in the central parking lot; grounds are walk-in.

Restroom facility, centrally located, is septic based with multiple stalls, urinals, sinks, hand dryers, and a baby changing station. There are 2 pull chain showers for rinsing sand off. Our second facility is in the RV park and has been renovated to 4 hot water shower stalls.

Small store in office with ice, beverages, snacks and minor fishing, picnic and camping incidentals. Firewood is also available.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Camp site $30 x 4 = $120
    • 2 tents per site (total of 6 scouts per site)
  • Per Scout $7 = Would like a questionnaire emailed out to parents.
  • Kayak
    • Tandem $75 x 2 = $150
    • Single $60 x 3 = 120
    • Trailer $45 x 1 = $45

Total Expected cost: $405-$475 [$335 Fixed Cost Plus a $7 per scout ($70-$140).]


The committee approves the use of Troop funds for the Nov 9-11 2019 Troop camp out, Total troop cost not to exceed $500 with the expectation for the Scoutmaster to minimize costs where possible. The committee voted: 9 Positions, 2 vacant, 4 approved, 2 abstained, Committee Chair did not vote (No tie to break). Motion APPROVED.


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